‘Campo a Través’ continues appearing at film festivals

The documentary Campo a Través directed by La Fura dels Baus, wich premiered at the Festival Internacional de Cine de San Sebastián and at the Berlinale, is an ethological and philosophical documentary about Mugaritz. It continues to tour at international film festivals all around the world and will be at nothing less than the BAFICI (Buenos Aires), the DocsBarcelona and the Trasatlantyk Film Festival (Poland).

Festival Bafici
The Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema (BAFICI) is Latin America’s most important Independent Film Festival. A key promotional vehicle for independent production, which shows the most innovative, daring and committed films. The festival integrates, through its programming, different cultural expressions and gathers acclaimed directors and new talents. The projection of Campo a Través in the 18th edition of BAFICI will be the Premiere of the film in Argentina. The film will air in the ‘Panorama’ section on April 14th (at 2:30pm), April 21st (at 3:45pm) and April 23rd (at 6:30pm).

DocsBarcelona is a program dedicated to reflection, understanding and dissemination of documentaries. Presentations and master classes that invite us to reflect on this kind of genre are carried out. A strong investment open to professionals, students and the general public, and a space to talk about the process of creation and the documentary as a creative industry. The documentary will be shown in DocsBarcelona on May 27th and May 29th.

Trasatlantyk Film Festival
Transatlantyk Festival is a film festival held since 2011 in Lodz (Poland). This is an event that builds bridges between different artistic disciplines surrounding the film. The screening of the film in this festival, within the Culinary section (twinned with the Berlinale) will be the premiere of the film in Poland. Yet no specific issue dates are known, but the festival will be held between June 23rd and June 30th.

The director Pep Gatell distils what they consider essential in this world, their most intimate philosophies. The ideas behind the work, the way trouble is overcome, what is suffered and enjoyed, what excellence means to them; to sum up, how Mugaritz is created and destroyed constantly. Risk is constant, that is the idea behind the title, but it’s also proof of the wisdom that comes from the effort and work of many people that have been, are and will be in Mugaritz; a place where the culinary goal has been surpassed by the creative process and its possible variations.

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