Demonstration of the app ‘M.U.R.S.’ at the Mobile World Congress 2016

La Fura dels Baus will be present at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to demonstrate the innovative app M.U.R.S., the first smartshow in history. The performance will be on an integrated stand in the Congress, twice a day, morning and evening, from the 22nd to the 25th of February at the Fira de Barcelona.

La Fura, with this proposal, in order to enliven the model of digital democracy in all its magnitude, proposes a theatrical experience of a real SmartCity through an app designed especially for the occasion (available for Android and iOS). M.U.R.S. satisfies all the unknowns of those who have experienced this installation 2.0. Because the viewers of the show-installation, are equipped with a Smartphone, and interact with the space through said mobile application of augmented reality.

The app M.U.R.S. offers the experience of living in a prototypical world where all the possibilities of the smart cities are pushed to the limit. It will include all aspects of this revolution, without exception.

The MWC is an annual conference on the world of mobile communication, global technology and the R&D platform to promote international cooperation in the mobile wireless communications, the most important of its sector. It is usually the space where a larger number of presentations regarding advancements in wireless and mobile communications occur. The summit offers a unique opportunity for engineers, scientists and investors in the areas of wireless systems and mobile applications to keep the technical money, and connect to the global network with leading experts and executives in the open 4G mobile movement.

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