‘Il Trovatore’ by La Fura will be broadcasted live to a total of 180 european cinemas from the Opéra de Paris


This Thursday, February 11, a new experience to watch a live version of the Opera by La Fura dels Baus will be broadcast to cinemas across Europe. It will be the adaptation of Il Trovatore, by Verdi, transmitted from the Ópera de París. The spectacular show of Alex Ollé and the interpretations by Anna Netrebko, Marcelo Alvarez and Ludovic Tézier will expand it’s audience with this great transmission.

Thus a total of 180 European cinemas will screen the opera. Some examples of the movies theaters that will broadcast the opera are Cinemas Cinesa, Cinesur, Cines Van Dyck, Multicines Caceres, ines VanGogh, Grup Balañá, Cinemes Girona, Cinema Arinco Palamós, Cines Aragonia, Cines Palafox, OCINE, Kinépolis España, Cines Dreams, UCC cinemas, Cinema Catalunya, Conde Duque, Cine Conde Duque, Cines ABCPark, Cines SADE, Cines Príncipe Donosti, Cines 7 Infantes, Multicines Zamora, Cine Moderno Logroño, Cines Broadway Valladolid, Cinemes canal salat, Cine Retiro – Prado Sitges, Cine Cantones La Coruña, Neo cine Mandarache, Cine Rex de Murcia, Cinema Boliche Barcelona, Club Megacine, Cinemes Bages Centre, Cinemes Guiu, JCA Cinemes Valls, Teatre Principal de Lleida, La Lira Tremp, among others.

The experience of watching opera in a movie theater today will gain enthusiasts as it not only broadcasts the spectacular sound, the audiovisual production that makes it possible to focus on the actions and the performer of the moment, but it allows the extension to new cities and obviously is a much cheaper price to travel to Paris and a ticket for the Opera. The organizer of the transmission is Rising Alternative.


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