Padrissa’s immersive and visceral installation at the Matadero in Madrid as part of the exhibition El Jardín de las Delicias

Inaugurated last October 7, until February 27, Matadero Madrid hosts the exhibition The Garden of Arthly Delights, which includes an installation by Carlus Padrissa. Padrissa presents a visceral experience developed especially for this exhibition. A triptych of moving images, featuring over 30 performers suspended in harnesses, is projected onto a painting created in situ at Matadero Madrid. The pulsating soundtrack and vibrating floor add further intensity to an immersive artwork steeped in the theatrical tradition of La Fura.

For Padrissa, Bosch’s masterpiece may be read from right to left, and he conceives the right-hand scene of his video as the starting point. Hell is equated to madness, with a mass of bodies emerging from a giant head. Bacchus is at the heart of the central scene, representing instinct, while to the left, creation is a string of DNA supported by a female figure.

The Garden of Earthly Delights, through the artworks of Colección SOLO is an invitation to revisit and reconnect from the present-day with Hieronymus Bosch’s masterpiece. Artificial intelligence, sound art, digital animation, painting, sculpture and installation accompany the visitor in a dialogue on the timeless, universal themes addressed by the original work. SMACK, Mario Klingemann, Miao Xiaochun, Cassie McQuater, Lusesita, Filip Custic and Mu Pan are among the 15 international artists whose diverse viewpoints are brought together in an exhibition curated by Colección SOLO and co-produced by Matadero Madrid. On show from 7 October to 27 February at Nave 16Matadero Madrid.

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