La Fura dels Baus wishes you a happy 2022!

La Fura dels Baus closes its 42th year of life with the satisfaction of having continued to create shows and presenting them. Just as in the beginning, despite the complicated situation, La Fura is still eager to experiment, learn and offer unique experiences to the spectators attending their works.

In has been a difficult year sadly marked by the death of Jürgen Müller, who died on 19 February. However, La Fura dels Baus continues with the desire to experiment, to learn and to offer unique experiences to the spectators who attend its works. Despite the delicate health situation stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has been able to continue working on new projects and creating new shows, in addition to multiple proposals in the company’s Epic Foundation: immersive operas for posterity, monumental large scale shows, transgressive actions of furan language or concerts performance with the soundtrack of the beginnings of the company’s trajectory. This 2021 a total of 11 shows has been released, added to works that keeps touring from previous years. La Fura has investigated new artistic horizons and, despite everything, has performed shows in Japan, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Italy, France and Spain.

These and many other ingredients added to La Fura’s continuing will to grow, to experience and present their work in all corners of the planet, they successfully complete this complicated 2021. All this with the conviction that 2022, which is already peeking around the corner, appears even more promising.

Happy 2022!


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