La Fura faces ‘Tristan und Isolde’ challenge in Barcelona

La Fura dels Baus recovers its particular vision of Tristan und Isolde, the mythical opera of Richard Wagner, with stage direction of the furan Alex Ollé. After having premiered in 2011 at the Lyon Opera, the piece is restored for the first time. And he will do it in style, at the Gran Teatre del Liceu, from November 28 to December 15. The tickets are already available through this link.

Tristan und Isolde is the culmination of Wagner’s artistic ideology. An opera that revolutionized tonal music with its harmonic ambiguity. The work is at the same time the musical translation of the nihilistic philosophy of Arthur Schopenhauer. Àlex Ollé concentrates the scenic action in the symbolic language, with an excellent work of characterization of the characters.

The scenography of Alfons Flores, the video projections of Franc Aleu and the performances of Iréne Theorin and Stefan Vinke, contribute to the materialization of the wagnerian ideal of the “integral work of art” thanks to some images that support and emphasize the libretto and the music. The piece and its scant action of the plot continue being a challenge for the scenic language of la Fura, accustomed to great movements and spectacularity.

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