The new Naumon bids farewell to the old Naumon

The old Naumon, the floating theater ship of La Fura dels Baus that toured the ports of Spain and the world more than 10 years ago, gives its definitive goodbye next Tuesday, October 26 (at 5 pm in the Shipyard Redena de Tapia de Barakaldo). In his farewell, the young aizkolari Iker Vicente will destroy part of the old Naumon with his axe as an end point to the log-cutting exhibition he will perform previously. This event, led by Carlus Padrissa, creative director of La Fura dels Baus, will be held in the shipyard of Redena de Barakaldo at 17:00 hours, on the occasion of the birth of La Naumon, the new itinerant ship-theater project of La Fura, which will be a centre for the dissemination of sustainability, the care of the oceans and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.
If something dies, something new is born: «Naumon is a metaphor for the ship of the world, where we are all together and we must row in the same direction», explains Carlus Padrissa. The new Naumon, influenced by the trip around the world of Magellan and Elcano, will sail through ports in Spain and Portugal -in a first phase- to raise awareness of the care of the planet with shows, conferences and activities. La Fura dels Baus is one of the main pillars of the new Naumon, which is currently located in the Astander shipyard, where a 17-meter rigid folding sail is being installed, Innovative and sustainable engineering show made in Spain and able to save up to 30% fuel.

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