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LEAVeS: Artists needed for work in progress at the Èpica Foundation

LEAVeS is a project by the association La FORTeRESse and the European initiative EU Collective Plays: a polyvocal experience that, in collaboration with La Fura dels Baus and the Èpica Foundation, wishes to push scenic language and audience interaction to new limits while working on such a current topics as Identity and Refugee’s Voices.

Anna Romano, director of the project, comes to the Èpica Foundation to work on this play, which is expected to premiere during the 2018-19 season at the International Festival of dramaturgy Quartieri dell’Arte (Italy). Her objective is to collaborate with the invited artists to refine its production through a collective work: improving incipient ideas, thinking out of the box, finding new dynamics and, in short, breathing life into the project so that it jumps from paper to action thanks to the exchange of concepts and knowledge that will take place.

Samia Yusuf Omar was 17 years old and she hailed from Somalia. Samia was the sprinter number 2895 at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. She drowned in the Mediterranean after her clandestine boat sank, trying to make landfall on the Italian island of Lampedusa. LEAVeS is a homage to Samia but not her biography. The authors have been inspired by different events to transcend them with the intention of using first the composition and then the acting to touch what is universally known: our finitude and our weakness in the face of life and History. Therefore, it is necessary to write why Samia’s race never stops. Making theatre is necessary, for each and every anonymous Samia defying the seas, so that they can continue asking us questions and question the world, our world.

LEAVeS is a polyvocal work resulting from the writing residency on March 2016 at the Théâtre des Doms in Avignon, under the new artistic director Alain Cofino-Gomez. The English version of LEAVeS will be published in 2018, translated by Maria Adele Palmeri and produced as part of 2018-19 season in collaboration with La Fura dels Baus, directed by Anna Romano. The performance is expected at the International Festival of dramaturgy Quartieri dell’Arte (Italy) and it will be embodied in other festivals organized by additional partnerships of the European project.

La Fura dels Baus’ Épica Foundation is a creative space focused on Performing Arts. Its objective is to find new ways of merging art, science and technology through the polyvocal experiences, knowledge exchanges and multidisciplinary works. In its original design, LEAVeS presents a constant interaction between the text, the actors’ interpretation and the video: these three elements maintain a fundamental dialogue from the dramaturgical perspective, allowing us to work on space-time gaps and to realize poetic parables. The idea is to take this game as far as possible: back projections, loops and other research in the audiovisual field will be indispensable complements for the performance.

Another of Épica’s key contributions to LEAVeS will be Kalliope, a mobile application designed for real-time audience interaction in order to complement the dramaturgy and guide the crowd. This app has been used with great success in past workshops and continues to investigate to find new narrative forms.

Artists of all disciplines are accepted. Those interested can send their CV to under the subject “Leaves”. There are 12 places available. The participants will be chosen by their curriculum, according to the needs of the project and the work team.


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