L’Ésser del Mil·lenni will welcome 2015

Another year, L’Ésser del Mil·leni, a human figure iron of 15 meters high, will be in charge of firing 2014 and welcoming the New Year. Like last year, it will do so on the Avinguda Reina Maria Cristina, in front of the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc, in the event that Barcelona prepares to celebrate the New Year. This celebration, sponsored by Barcelona Tourism, bears the stamp of La Fura dels Baus and combines water, fireworks and music.

For starters, the Castellers de Sants will make a performance in which they will play with the water show of the fountains of Montjuïc. Then, it will be the moment that L’Ésser del Mil·lenni, representing the spirit of the city, will take life. Because a hundred actors will fill the structure to await the arrival of 2015. The chimes, which will honor Parsifal, from Wagner, accompanied by a volcano of fire and a huge explosion behind the Magic Fountain. Then, the event will culminate with spectacular fireworks combined with the fountains. The intention is that this is a family celebration. The event, which will run for about 45 minutes, will also serve to promote the Barcelona brand, to project it to the world and become part of the group of large cities that have New Year’s celebrations seen on television around the world.

The climax of the evening show of New Year will come with the 12 chimes, which will be represented with the help of fireworks exploding 16 points spread on both sides of the avenue and behind Magic Fountain of Montjuïc. Once entered in 2015, L’Ésser of Mil·lenni will welcome the new year raising his arms and making a 360 degree turn, accompanied by fireworks and projections of New Year’s celebrations from different cultures. The show will end with the suspension of the people inside the structure.

L’Ésser del Mil·lenni is a figure that was created by La Fura for the massive show promoted by the telephone company Airtel (now Vodafone) to welcome the new millennium on the New Year’s Eve of 1999. The iron structure was resting since then in the Parc del Mil·lenni of Gavà. But it was the end of last year when it moved to Montjuïc, after Barcelona City Council signed an agreement with the municipality of Gavà. Since that the L’Ésser of Mil·lenni can transfer each New Year’s Eve to be used in the show celebrating the last night of the year at the Avinguda Maria Cristina de Barcelona, that without going any further, was attended last year by 70,000 people .



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