‘M.U.R.S’ starts their tour: the 18th of October in Murcia

After being premiered last July at the Grec Festival de BarcelonaM.U.R.S. starts their tour to unveil the first smartshow in history to the world. It’s next performance will be in Murcia on the 18th of October, in the town Molina de Segura. The show will take place in the Antonio Peñalver Sports Hall and you can already purchase tickets through Ticketmaster. However, the show-installation of La Fura dels Baus will leap to the international audience in November, landing in Hong Kong to do two performances (22nd and 23rd of November).

How will it be to live in the SmartCities of the future? How will it feel to live in an environment where technology prevails at its purest? Do you dare to travel to a place governed by the criteria of increased intelligence and efficiency?

The cities today, as we know them, are the result of the industrial revolution. But their transformation into SmartCities is and will be a direct result of the technological and informative revolution that we are living. While this development has already affected individuals, businesses and the economy, the current paradigms of urban life have their days numbered. The race of intelligent cities has already begun.

In order to live this new model of digital democracy, La Fura dels Baus raises a genuine theatrical experience of a SmartCity. M.U.R.S. will dampen all the questions to those who will experience this 2.0 installation. It’ll be the experience of living in a prototypical world where the premises of the smart cities are carried to the limit. It will include all aspects of this revolution, without exception: economy, mobility, ecology, citizenship, governance and digital life. This will be, with no doubt, the first SmartShow history, with the unmistakable stamp of La Fura.

After 20 years developing and researching projects on their own, the directors of La Fura dels Baus meet again. All this time wandering different paths has allowed them to enrich themselves and experiment with new languages. Rejoining forces at a time like this, is quite natural: the whole experience has been catapulted to design M.U.R.S, the new work of La Fura dels Baus.

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