‘Madama Butterfly’ by La Fura will be renewed another summer at the Terme di Caracalla in Rome

All roads lead to Rome. From Sydney to the former public baths of Imperial Rome. The opera Madama Butterfly, directed by Àlex Ollé of La Fura dels Baus, covers 16,000 kilometers since its release a year ago in the Australian city to reach Europe again and reconquer the viewers of the Italian capital. The premiere of the summer opera season of from the Terme of Caracalla. Heat, color, spectacularity, but mostly a lot of emotion in this modern edition of the opera by Puccini. In it, Cio Cio San, seduced and abandoned by a Pinkerton presented as a real estate speculator who thinks he can buy everything for money, lives in a suburb. In a half-built hut, as the neighborhood is drawn on the horizon.

The stones of this majestic space, called Terme di Caracalla, will be used in this production as a metaphor of the drama of the geisha. It is the broken dream of a love that will end in ruins. The scenery of Alfons Flores allows the game of contrasts between the first act, full of exoticism, and the strength of the message of the second and third. Both mark the evolution of the sensitive teenager who becomes a strong woman, facing a hostile environment, in defending the purity of their feelings.

A modern stage proposal, away from the concept of superiority of the white man, who wants to recover the original essence of the work plunging into the ingenuity of the young protagonist in love. The adaptation by La Fura of Puccini’s opera can be seen 4 more times from 29 July to 8 August. More information on the official website of the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma.

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