Final presentation of the first workshop of Èpica

On Sunday, the 17th of July, there will be a public presentation of the work done by the participants of the first workshop Èpica, the multidisciplinary learning environment for performing arts designed by La Fura dels Baus. In addition, a group of architects from Luzerna will present their academic project: a series of architectural proposals to design the headquarters of Èpica. The event will be held at Parc d’Humanitats (Park of Humanities) at the University of Barcelona (C/ Peru, 52) starting at 9 pm and will feature speeches about the work done, performances and a final discussion. Entrance will be by invitation only as it is closed to the public.

The first workshop of Èpica, developed by La Fura dels Baus thanks to the collaboration of EU Colective Plays and the University of Barcelona, began on June 20th. The workshop called ‘Sobre la memòria’ (“About the Memory) is based on the theatrical experimentation, the space, the technology and the concept of memory (memetics, illustrated and digital) from a multidisciplinary perspective that allows to investigate the limits of a scene. The training imparted combines different disciplines such as the arts, science, humanities mixed with technology and innovation, which fits perfectly to some of the objectives of the Parc d’Humanitats. Sunday’s workshop is a clear example of the link that can be established between the academy, the theatrical experimentation and the multidisciplinary creativity. On this occasion there were 30 participants in the workshop from different fields of art, science and humanities, and funded by La Fura dels Baus after a selection process.

Èpica: a multidisciplinary learning environment for the performing arts
Over 36 years La Fura dels Baus has developed a method in it’s creations, beyond the individual, founded on the definition of joint work and what happens when you sum up and combine talented people. La Fura now wants to project its creative solvency and the success of its methodology through a space that combines the learning process and the experience while developing creative projects.

At Èpica the learning process is the result of sharing knowledge; but above all, it’s the result of a shared experience. Èpica is the sum of work from different artists, professionals, technicians and scientists who perform projects which will then be validated by society through exhibiting or staging. Creativity can also be a material to share.

Èpica is open to researchers, graduate students and doctoral students as well as undergraduate, vocational training and all those who, no matter what their discipline is, want to share knowledge and experience the development in group work. The project has already established lines of cooperation and alliances with other international centers with which it shares a multidisciplinary perspective and the research in finding connections between science, technology, humanities and art.

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