Èpica i Singular 2.0’s first performance

Èpica i Singular 2.0 is an initiative subsidized by the  Occupation Service of Catalonia (SOC) where a group of unemployed young people receive tools for the working world in a totally new scenario. The first two months of this workshop aimed to lay the foundations of the process of creation and collective work: the students have received lessons in script, creativity, audiovisual language, lighting, sound and production and, with all this knowledge, they have developed a collective performance approaching the scenic language of La Fura dels Baus.

The subject treated in his performance was Transhumanism, or the physical and mental improvements that humans can acquire through science and technology. From a critical point of view towards human experimentation, the participants created scenes featuring clones, cyborgs and human-plant hybrids that rebelled against their creators and fled the laboratories where they were held. A complete description of the first months of Èpica i Singular 2.0, including a complete synopsis of the performance, can be found on Èpica website.

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