Published23/09 al 7/10 Valletta (Malta)

Site memory: Malta’s memories

A workshop of Furan language from 23 September to 7 October at the Notte Bianca in Malta, with a creative collaboration with the director Pep Gatell together with students from some local schools. Eccentricity, innovation, adaptation, rhythm, evolution and transgression. Reconceptualization of two of the most significant aspects of the dramatic art: the theatrical space and the public. The incessant curiosity and the need to explore new artistic trends have developed, through a process of collective creation, a unique language, style and aesthetic. Nowadays, this is called “Furan language”, which has been implemented in different artistic genres, such as opera, cinema, large-scale performances and workshops.

Within the framework of EU Collective Plays, Èpica has been addressing the subject of memory in all its aspects: memetic, illustrated, digital, memories of refugees, experiences of victims… It is now time to explore the kinds of memories that a place is able to transmit. Site Memory takes place in Malta, a location that throughout history has exerted a strategic point in the Mediterranean for all those who have wanted to travel, trade and battke. The spaces of Malta breathe stories, cuisines, religions and messages of all kinds due to the mixture of cultures and events that have taken place there throughout the centuries.

This is why La Fura dels Baus, in collaboration with local artists, wants to develop a collective creation with the exchange of experiences and knowledge that characterizes all of Èpica’s workshops in order to explore the stories that Malta’s spaces are able to offer. It’s going to take two weeks of intensive work that will culminate on October 7 with two performances during La Valletta’s Notte Bianca.

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