Furan language

DNA – La Fura dels Baus


The show DNA – La Fura dels Baus is a compilation of scenes of furan language recovered from works of the company’s origins. Excerpts from works of the beginnings of the company, which changed the history of the theater and broke the traditional boundary between public and show. A selection of essential furan moments recovered by Jürgen Müller.

DNA – La Fura dels Baus presents many of the elements that over time have been consolidating the theatrical language of La Fura dels Baus, as it’s scenography that took advantage of the architectural features offered by the different performance spaces, but that incorporated a series of complex and elaborate scenographic elements created by the company, capable of modifying space and public participation.

An opportunity to relive scenes of the furan language that prompted the group to become an object of worship in the international theater scene. More than three decades later, they return to the stage!

Ficha Técnica

La Fura dels Baus creative direction: Jürgen Müller
Codirection DNA: Judy Lomas
Production: Susana Jove
Lighting: Jaime Llerins
Actors: Diana Kerbel, Carlos Figols, Valentina Calandriello, Efigeneia Androutspoulou, Raúl Vargas, Ivan Altimira, Eduard Gomez, Eloi Benet
Rigging: Anigami
Photo and Video: Tai Lomas, Shain Dejbakhsh
Project Management: Marcel Riu


DNA – La Fura dels Baus is a mix in 2016 of the best scenes of the Furan language from the origins of the company. So, the show will recover moments of legendary shows that catapulted La Fura dels Baus, such as Accions or Suz/O/Suz.

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