Benvenuto Cellini


Of the four operas that Berlioz composed in his life, with Benvenuto CelliniLa Fura dels Baus shall have completed three. And this is, in the opinion of many, for his technique of composition, the most revolutionary of all.

The version of La Fura, directed by Carlus Padrissa, power three superimposed layers identified in the script. A first layer where the town appears immersed in the carnival, with its atavistic beats and powerful ancient rituals. A second layer with an intriguing romance. And the third layer, where the autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini appears: the first time an artist wrote about his own life with his own hand. In his book “Life”, he talks about his experiences with Florentine artists like Leonardo, Miquel Angel and Piero Torrigiani. Also great patrons for whom he worked: the Medici, Francis I of France, the Popes Clement VII, Paul III and very important people with important economic, religious and media power of the Renaissance.

The wicked deceitful tongue of a terrible adversary of mine, easily achieved to annoy your holiness.

Ficha Técnica

Music Director: François Xavier Roth / Adrien
Director: Carlus Padrissa (La Fura Dels Baus)
Scene: Roland Olbeter
Costume: Chu Uroz
Video: Fritz Gracia
Lights: Andreas Grüter
Dramaturgy: Georg Retorno

Chorus Director: Andrew Ollivant
Benvenuto Cellini: Ferdinand Von Bothmer
Giacomo Balducci: Vincent Le Texier
Fieramosca: Nikolay Borchev
Papa Clemente VII: Nikolay Didenko
Franceso: John Heuzenroeder
Bernardino: Lucas Cantante
A host: Alexander Fedin
Pompeo: Wolfgang Stefan Schwaiger
Teresa: Emily Hindrichs
Ascanio: Katrin Wundsam
Actors: Angels Antenas
Choir: Chor Der Oper KöLn
E-Chor: Extra Coro
Orchestra: Gürzenich Orquesta

Intendantin Oper Köln Birgit Meyer



The wicked deceitful tongue of a terrible adversary of mine, easily achieved to annoy your holiness

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