Blending (in the Air)


A large-scale show in the Wilderness Festival in the United Kingdom: a mentor festival of art, music, cooking and debates. Blending (in the Air), directed by Miki Espuma, wants to create a powerful sinergy between the peninsular’s art and music together with English. Because of that, the show will involve the participation and combination of the flamenco singer Ginesa Ortega together with the Wilderness Festival Orchestra and the English choir Deep Throat. At the same time, 60 English actors will perform the original idea of the La Fura dels Baus spectacle.

Ficha Técnica

Director: Miki Espuma

Singer: Ginesa Ortega

Music: Orquesta del Wilderness Festival

Choir: Deep Throat.



Light. Music. Height. Dizziness: Blending in the air.

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