Furan language
San Sebastian

Degustación de Titus Andrónicus

Ficha Técnica

Direction and play-writing

Pep Gatell



Salvador Oliva


Gastronomic direction

Equipo Mugaritz. Andoni Luis Aduriz, Javier Bergara, Dani Lasa


Musical composition

Robert Merdzo


Executive Direction

Kike Blanco


Production Direction

Nadala Fernández


Production’s Assistant

Ernest Coll



Vidi Vidal. Basianus
Iván Altamira. Lucio
Joaquín Revenga “Tatín”. Saturnino
Ramon Tarès. Titus
Carles Fígols. Marco
Roelkis Bueno. Aaron
Darío Alexander Sigcho. Demetrio
Ráúl Vargas. Quirón
Diana Bernedo. Tamora
María Pérez. Lavinia
Joan Serra, Cocinero

Video Direction

Álan Fàbregas


Lighting designer

Cube Bz


Costumes designer

Marga Binoux


Costumes designer

Albert Freixas “Coco”


Lighting technician

Juli González


Set Builders



Costumes Making

Patra Ariño, Pilar Albadalejo, Begoña Simón


Assistant of direction

Jessica Cornwell


Stage Hands

Rafael Ceballos, Ángel Millán



Danae & Inoni Gatell



Jordi Vila



rojobarcelona, López de Zubiria


La Fura dels Baus Team:

Projects Coordination: Rosa Arnáiz

Administration: Agustí Turró

Artistic Direction Assistant: Vicky Murillo

Accounting: Esther Sastre

Ramona Arcas

Projects assistant: Ainhoa Lorente


The artistic directors of La Fura dels Baus are

Miki Espuma

Pep Gatell

Jürgen Müller

Àlex Ollé

Carlus Padrissa

Pera Tantiñá


Degustación de Titus Andrónicus is a new challenge for the company. Returning to our origins, the spectator interacts with the spectacle sharing the same space. Two chefs are cooking at the kitchen during the whole play. The spectator is stimulated in their five senses. Only 28 people could be part of the Titu’s banquet and have dinner with us, if you want to be one of them, follow the instructions clicking at http://www.furatitus.com

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