Les Troyens


The Trojans are viruses that enter into our operating system, destroying all information. From this definition taken from the internet, I began to imagine our vision of Les Troyens, the “Grand Opera” by Hector Berlioz from Virgil’s Aeneid. It is an epic of more than five hours, which has an exceptional score and a very interesting script. The first part tells the terrible story of self-destruction of a civilization. The “Trojan horse” that appears today in all Internet search engines is a type of computer virus that destroys the operating system of our computers and delete all the information they contain. This is the definition. The Trojan virus is within ourselves, and its effect may have dire consequences.

Ficha Técnica

Les Troyens
Hector Berlioz

Musical Director: Valery Gergiev

Stage Management: Carlus Padrissa
Sets: Roland Olbeter
Video: Franc Aleu (Urano)
Lighting: Peter Van Praet
Wardrobe: Chu Uroz
Stephen Gould / Lance Ryan (ENEE)
Gabriele Viviani (Chorèbe)
Giorgio Giuseppini (Panthea)
Stephen Milling (Narbal)
Elisabete Matos (Cassandre),
Daniela Barcellona / Veronica Simeoni (Didon)
Zlata Bulycheva (Anna)
Dmitri Voropaev (Hylas),
Askar Abdrazakov (Priam)

Assistant Producer: Alex Aguilera
Scene Assist: Krzysztof Olichwier
New production: Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía, Mariinsky Theater, Teatr Wielki


“The Trojans are viruses that enter into our operating system, destroying all the information” well defined Carlus Padrissa scenic director of Hector Berlioz’s opera based on Virgil’s Aeneid, foundational work of the Roman Empire.

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