Festival de Cine de San Sebastián

Macaron de caza


‘Macaron de caza’ is a work that moves between the ancient world and the dream world. During its projection can be seen the elaboration of an old recipe bathed in blood. The film shows the most ancient kitchen, the naturalness of the ingredients and their preparation. The action represents a dream which the author is unknowing , could be the cook himself or the prehistoric hunter preparing. His hands are fused and confused with the ingredients that form a mass strange, unrecognizable, that moves to the beat of the music and the hub which all elements are cut. This representation aims to unite the parallels and similarities between the present cuisine and the past, just to show the development of a recipe.


La Fura dels Baus of Mugaritz and repeat again and dare into the culinary world. Under the section Zinema Culinary of San Sebastian Festival, the Fura with the collaboration of the chef Andoni Luis Aduriz, screened a short film which the world of gastronomy and music come together to create a new work. Its projection became the star of the opening section of this young section of the festival.

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