Nova Normalitat


We don’t know what the new normal will be like, but we can imagine it

Ficha Técnica

Alba Fernández, Cano Soprano

Xavier Casademont, Baríton

Tamara Ndong, Actress

Quico Torrent, Actor

Pep Mendoza, Guitar

Coral Càrmina, chorus with: Mònica Adrian, Carmina Argüelles, Roser Chaqués, Concha Calza, Lorena Díaz, Laia, Villegas, Mia Soler, Dèlia Toma, Carme Vila, Noa Torner, Raül Coré, Xavier Montsó, Jesús Purroy, Andrés Recaño, Ferran Barrio, Pep Falcó, Vicenç Bolart, Manel Canales, Joanquim de Miquel, Hector Frigola Grau, Jaume Bofill, Josep Velasco and Pablo Alberto Olivera

Daniel Mestre, Musical Director Coral Càrmina

Machinist technicians: David Vilaregut, Miguel Angel Molino, Josep Maria Vilaregut

LED programming: Jordi Massó

Kalliope APP: Èpica Foundation

Alicia de Manuel, Pedro Lorente, Kalliope App System

Roland Olbeter, Disseño Cranes and scenographic elements

Anna Maria Hurtado and Héctor José García, Los 18.org

Adria Cortadellas, communication

Marcel Riu, management

Jaume Grau, technical director and designer of scenographic elements

Nacha Delpiano, production (Brava Performing Arts)

Tamara Joksimovic, utility, graphics and set assistant

Zamira Pasceri, assistant director and councilor

Mireia Romero, assistant director

Enric Miralles Foundation: making videos

Jack Isles, Caterina Miralles Tagliabue, Lluc Miralles and Joan Ribó

with the participation of Benedetta Tagliabue, Ana Vilà and Roberta Landino

Pau Miró, dramaturgy

Carlus Padrissa, stage direction (La Fura dels Baus)


Cleaning staff, scientific teams, caretakers, nurses, doctors, therapists, pharmacists, volunteers, social workers, or ambulance drivers. NN is a show that pays tribute to all those who carry out tasks that have the main purpose of promoting health, while raising funds to help research teams end the Covid-19 pandemic.

And it is that in these moments of confinement due to the risk of the spread of Covid-19, scientific research teams must be imagined as daring explorers. Although centuries ago, new maritime routes were discovered until connecting all the oceans and drawing all the corners of the planet. 500 years ago, 240 European sailors (German, English, French, Greek, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish), captained by Magellan and, later, by Elcano, managed to circumnavigate our planet and demonstrate that the Earth is spherical. And in 2020? Between the threatening pandemic and the challenging climate change, La Fura creates the New Normality to row in the same direction: we are in the same boat and we are interconnected by, step by step, achieving the 17 SDGs.

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