The eternity, the darkness, the chaos, the infinity, the whole and the nothing. Before nothing, before everyting, nothing existed or did’nt. Only and infinite ocean: NuuN. The primeval waters of the universe. The primitive waters of the universe: it is from there that the life of Ra springs, the celestial Sun. He will be the one who will raise the sky to illuminate the universe. And from there, life in the world will flow.

Ficha Técnica

Director: Pera Tantiñà
Assistant director: Àgat Tantiñá and Raúl Vargas
Choreography: Àgata Tantiñá and Raúl Vargas
Production: Rubén Pujol and Gal·la Sabaté
Production assistant: Pau Domingo
Music: Pau Domingo, INPulse Produccions, La Fura dels Baus and Llorenç Peris
Stage Manager: Pau Domingo
Lighting Design: Stephane Viallon
Lighting Technician: Stephane Viallon and Pau Vila
Rigging: Anigami


Eternity, darkness, chaos, infinity, everything and nothing.

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