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In Ombra La Fura dels Baus puts forth a new staging of
the life of the poet Federico García Lorca, putting more emphasis on his character as a man than on his traits as
an author or legendary figure.

The projection of Lorca’s image entails entering a world of faint presences, of fleeing, and whispered laments. Everything that appears on stage maintains a hint of lightness. Word, image and music fuse in a single beam that illuminates a memory, a frustration.

Ombra begins with the last scene of Federico García Lorca’s life, his murder, the sad fate to which he was destined. In the time that passes between a man’s execution and his clinical death, La Fura proposes a lyrical autopsy, projects an emotional x-ray.

Through an imaginary exhuming of his body, we give life to characters that are defined by their privacy, its pressure, their breakdown. These concepts trace the nature of the character who represents them. Each one of them forms part of the man who is the poet after passing through the gates of death and becoming mythic.

In Ombra the music is charged with a very intense, special meaning. The life and work of the poet were marked by the presence of flamenco, by his own compositions as well as those of his friends, and by jazz, which Lorca discovered on his trip to New York. The presence of music in this show is born out of the merging of styles and rhythms, and reflects the poet’s own existence, involved in everything on the path to discovering his own essence, so flamenco and at the same time so universal.

Ombra is an intimist show that seems to avoid friction, but continues to show the visual force found in all of La Fura dels Baus’ shows.

Ficha Técnica

Creación y dirección
«Hansel» Cereza (La Fura dels Baus).

Guión y dramaturgia
«Hansel» Cereza, David Marín.

Adaptación y creación de textos
David Marín

Miki Espuma (La Fura dels Baus).

Javier Latorre

Jordi Castells (Escenografías Castells).

Diseño de iluminación
Germinal Ruiz

Diseño de sonido
Marc Sardà

Realización vídeo
Franc Aleu

Marga Binoux

Arreglos percusión
Roger Blavia

Arreglos viento
Pep Pascual

Diseño de la maquinaria
Pere Ferrer

Diseño técnico de vídeo
Jordi Casinos

Realización del vestuario
Begoña Simón

Ilustrador gráfico
Jordi Vilà

Abraham Hurtado, Juan Navarro, Óscar Rabadán, Isabel Rocatti / José A. Benítez, Eduard Zamora.

Javier Latorre / Fernando Romero.

Concha Buika / Danna Leese Routh.

Equipo de producción
Jefe de producción: Eduard García.
Ayudante de producción: Virgina Escudero.

Road managers
Olga Gómez, Luci Lenox,
Roser Obiols.

Coordinadores técnicos
Javier García, Violeta Segura.

Pere Ferrer, Miguel A. García, Manolo Martínez, Jorge Núñez, Juan Sitjá, Jaime Vergés.

Técnicos de vídeo
Miquel Bonet, Fernando Esparza, Alex Fernández, Jordi Suils.

Técnicos de iluminación
Fernando Esparza, David Hoyos.

Técnicos de sonido
Ramón Ciércoles, Ezequiel Pochettino.

11/12/98, en el Teatro Isabel la Católica, Granada.


Un espectáculo producido por Mercat de les Flors – Ajuntament de Barcelona y La Fura dels Baus, patrocinado por Osborne.


Constructed from a basis of texts by Federico García Lorca, Ombra proposes a closer look at the poet’s life, a lyrical autopsy set to music, of one of the most important creative figures of the 20th century. An intimist performance that demonstrates the versatility of the Furan system of codes.

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