Furan language

Tier Mon


Tier Mon presents a linear plot, although ultimately it reproduces a cycle that, like history, can repeat itself at clearly identifiable moments. In this show that key moment is identified with the “Rotatori”, a moment in the work which represents the inevitable circularity of time.

Tier Mon explores the always delicate territory of the relationships between the individual, humanity and power, which in this case is represented by three conflicting characters –the white god, the cripple and the dwarf– each struggling to dominate the other characters who symbolise the human race. The narration of this confrontation is articulated this time by a more complete and intricate dramaturgy than in the previous shows. The characters are described, they are uniquely identifiable and they establish a whole system of hierarchies within the show.

La Fura dels Baus has evolved to the point of providing their own architecture, no longer depending on the particulars of each space where the performance is carried out but rather presenting scenic elements that are perfectly identifiable with the group’s sculptural image. One aspect that we should point out above all, tieing together everything said up to this point, is that we can examine La Fura dels Baus’ work as perfectly mature and consolidated, once the experience of Accions and Suz/O/Suz has been assimilated.

Ficha Técnica

Creación, interpretación y dirección
La Fura dels Baus (Marcel.lí Antúnez, Jordi Arús, «Hansel» Cereza, Miki Espuma, Pep Gatell, Jürgen Müller, Àlex Ollé, Carlos Padrissa, Pera Tantiña).

Colaboración especial
Sergi Caballero, Sixto Peláez, Michael Summers, John Wagland, Vidi Vidal.

Otros actores
Enric Asses, Josep Castells, Xavier Juan-Torres, Juan Loriente, Juan Márquez, Juan Navarro, Peter Tod Sullivan, Michael Summers, Vidi Vidal, Rafael Vives, John Wagland.

Sixto Peláez

Arreglos Musicales
Sergi Caballero

Ian Britton, Boris Porter, Vidi Vidal

Diseño de iluminación
Ramón Rey

Diseño de sonido
Pablo J. Loyzaga

Grego Navarro

Programación MIDI
Ramón Castans

Seguimiento escenográfico
Txispo López, Daniel Nicolay, Andreu Polo

Equipo técnico
Dirección técnica: Jordi Arús, Abdó Martí, Jorge Oliveira.

Road Manager: Lala Boldú, Marta Oliveres.

Técnicos de sonido: Marc Sardà, Quico Viaplana.

Técnico de iluminación: Ramón Rey.

Equipo de luz y sonido: Triple Onda S.A.

Técnicos escenografía: Gerardo Campana, Miguel Ángel García, Eduardo Gómez, Richard Anthony Harrison, Pedro Pablo Hervás, Mario Lacalle, Xesco Morros, Joan Lluis Parra, Alberto Pastor.

10/06/88, en el Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona.


Un espectáculo producido por Mercat de les Flors/Ajuntament de Barcelona, Ayuntamiento de Madrid, Centro Nacional de Nuevas Tendencias Escénicas, Festival Theatre de Bayonne, Festival Art Rock de Saint Brieuc, Muestra Internacional de Teatro de Valladolid y La Fura dels Baus


The “Furan language” is already displayed in perfect working order in this show, which evolves out of the successes of Accions and Suz / O / Suz. Tier Mon explores the territory of relationships between the individual and power, using a cyclical idea of time as a starting point.

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