Festival Etnosur

Un paseo de veinte años


A river of art, a waterfall of artists, that every July invades the streets with music. People, meanwhile, come and go, night and day, day and night. The giant doll opens the parade, the summer carnival of mechanical devices. It gets up, walks, dances and jumps, does what it wants. Who knows? Maybe it’ll bring rain. In its cosmic awakening it seems to fly. The great Parade begins through the streets of Alcalá la Real, the one and only street, that lovingly cares for its people and those who come from everywhere. To make them happier… if that’s possible and if they fit. Because in the street they do not fit, there is not a soul more that fits.

A burst of people that walk down the history of twenty years up and down the street. The castle de la Mota observes astonished and La Fura, a new accomplice, pops the fireplace and the bus station. In the ramblas of Alcalá everything is in color. Everything is fiery and in color, it darkens and while the great concert is about to begin, and we exhausted leave, we’ve parked there… the gift of Pedro.

Ficha Técnica

Director: Miki Espuma
Production: Nadala Fernández
Direction assistant: Juan Navarro de Castro
Actor: Joaquim Revenga ‘Tatín’
Rigging assistant: Yago Navarro
Rigging director: Josep Padrós
Riggers: Raúl Rodríguez Arias, Josep Maria Vilaregut y Francesc Subiranas


Un paseo de veinte años specially designed for the Festival Etnosur in Alcalá la Real (Jaén), one of the oldest summer proposals of Spain. A walk through these twenty years of  experiences. A great theatrical dance that will tour the city and includes the cosmic awakening of a giant doll that jumps, dances and moves to the beat of the rhythms of the Festival, followed by a carnival of mechanical devices in which spectacle, music, scenery lush and movement join.


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