Münchener Staatsoper

Wagner vs. Verdi


The show represents a boxing fight between the two composers. Played in the square in front of the Opera of Munich, the macro was supported by two live bands of music (one Italian and one German). Elements like the human net or an “air dancing” were performed, combined with dancing, video projection and pyrotechnics.

Ficha Técnica

Musical concept and composition: Moritz Eggert

Director: Carlus Padrissa / La Fura dels Baus

Musical overall management: Johann Mösenbichler

Light: Benedict Zehm

Video: Marc Molinos

Pyrotechnics: Thomas Bautenbacher

Text: Marc Rosich

Giants Roland Olbeter

Choreography: Mireia Romero

Technical boss: Jaume Grau

Production Ignacia del Piano

Councillor: Esteban Muñoz

Rigging: Amigami


Wagner or Verdi?

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