Window of the City


“Better city, better live ” is the common thread of the Universal Exhibition of Shanghai 2010, and the starting-point for the dramaturgy of the show. In Window of the City we slip on a trip across the time and the different ways of constructing, from the prehistory up to the current times: mud, bamboo, brick … Our tour will lead us to visiting six world capitals that along his history have been lodged an EXPO. Getting to Shanghai, a child and a girl who had not ever seen them before, will show a human vision of the metropolis, and will teach us that the cities are not only urban developed complex, but they are done fundamentally by people, and that the aptitude to change them and to improve them only resides in the persons.
With an amazing visual impact, in this show take part 60 artists (singers, dancers and actors), with a spectacular scenery realized thanks to the advances of the Taiwanese, Chinese and British technology.

“Window of the City” is the only permanent show during the Exhibition of Shanghai.

Ficha Técnica

Organised by
Shanghai Universal Expo

Artistic Direction
Àlex Ollé y Carlus Padrissa (La Fura dels Baus)

Artistic Assistants
Valentina Carrasco, Tingna Warren

Director’s Assistants
Shen Hang, Yao Shufen

Technical Direction
Ling Yang Xiang

Scenery Design
Alfons Flores

Lighting Design
Alain Lortie Lodi

Images Design
Franc Aleu, Casa Luan

Wu Lanuo Co., Ltd. Urano Films SL

Tsuji Xing-sheng, Luo Edu Crawford, Arturo Calvo

Huang Doudou

Costumes Design
Han Arce

Executive Producer
Li Zhi Xie

Co-produced by
Asociación de Promoción de las Artes de Taipei , Estación de Televisión de Shanghai, Shanghai Media Group Limited Oriental SMG,SEEI Pabellón Español.

La Fura dels Baus is a convenant company with the Institut Català de les Indústries Culturals (ICIC)


“Window of the City” is a show especially created for the Shanghai Universal Exposition. Based on the theme ” Better City, Better Life “, we have created a trip across the time and the space in which we discover that the key to improve the cities is the interaction between all the persons who live it.

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