From the Ashes


From the Ashes’ is the title of the grand opening performance that La Fura dels Baus from Barcelona has created especially for Cultura Nova. The story of the region is told in a modern way with large visual scenes: the origin of Heerlen, the mining history, the dark period after the closure of the mines and the current renaissance; the revival of Heerlen and Parkstad. It will be a large open-air spectacle in which more than 100 people from the region will take part; break dancers, climbers and extras. Heerlen will literally rise from its ashes and a great phoenix will spread its wings over the audience.



Ficha Técnica

Concept & Creation by La Fura dels Baus
Director: Pera Tantiñá
Assistant Directors: Àgata Tantiñá; Raúl Vargas
Choreographies: Àgata Tantiñá; Raúl Vargas; Jop Vermeesch
Text: Merlijn Huntjens
Production Manager: Pau Domingo
In collaboration with festival Cultura Nova Production Department led by: Bart van Hooren
Assistant Producer: Gal·la Sabaté
Music: La Fura dels Baus; Pau Domingo; INpulse Produccions; Llorenç Peris; Subp Yao
Show Caller: Pau Domingo
Light Design: Noxfera Studio
Lighting Manager: Pau Vila
Chief Rigger: Pep Padrós
Rigging: Anigami
Fireworks and special effects: Dream Fireworks
Phoenix Design: LaGamut & La Fura dels Baus
Storyteller and actress: Zorba Huisman
Dancers: HFC Dansstudio
Climbing coach: Rachel Nilwik
Coordination of extra actors and volunteers of Cultura Nova: Iris van Hooren and Eric Schrijver

La Fura dels Baus in co-production with festival Cultura Nova
In cooperation with IBA Parkstad


A phoenix rising from its ashes to tell the story of Heerlen

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