La Fura dels Baus

La Fura dels Baus is eccentricity, innovation, adaptation, rhythm, evolution and transgression. Such characteristic and unique essence led the company to pioneer the reconceptualization of two of the most significant aspects of the dramatic art: the theatrical space and the public. Thus, respectively, they redefined the space by moving it to non-conventional ones – and changed the public role from passive to active, which meant a breaking of the “fourth wall”. And it is that there is no creation without risk – a compiled premise from the beginning, since their first street shows, where the authentic essence of La Fura was born.

The incessant curiosity and the need to explore new artistic trends have developed, through a process of collective creation, a unique language, style and aesthetic. Nowadays, this is called “Furan language”, which has been implemented in different artistic genres, such as opera, cinema and large-scale performances.

The ability to bind and adapt carnality and mysticism, nature and artifice, rudeness and sophistication, primitivism and technology, in every performance, has given La Fura dels Baus its international success and prestige.

MANON LESCAUT | Giacomo Puccini | Premiere 06.10.2019 | Oper Frankfurt
Musikalische Leitung
    Lorenzo Viotti
    Àlex Ollé (La Fura dels Baus)
    Alfons Flores
    Lluc Castells
    Joachim Klein
    Emmanuel Carlier
    Tilman Michael
    Stephanie Schulze

Manon Lescaut
    Asmik Grigorian
    Iurii Samoilov
Chevalier Renato des Grieux
    Joshua Guerrero
Geronte de Ravoir
    Donato Di Stefano
    Michael Porter
Der Wirt
    Magnús Baldvinsson
Ein Musiker
    Bianca Andrew
Ein Tanzmeister
    Jaeil Kim
Der Laternenanzünder
    Santiago Sánchez
Der Sergeant
    Božidar Smiljanić
Der Kapitän
    Pilgoo Kang *

Chor der Oper Frankfurt
Frankfurter Opern- und Museumsorchester

* Mitglied des Opernstudios
Muzikale leiding/Direction musicale: Bassem Akiki
Regie/Mis en scène: Alex Ollé (La Fura dels Baus)
Décors /Deecors : Alfons Flores
Costumes / Kostuums: Lluc Castells
Èclairages_Belichting: Urs Schönebaum
Video: Franc Aleu
Photo shows:Andrew Schroeder,  Topi Lehtipuu

Pep Gatell


Pep Gatell (Barcelona, 1958) participated in the creation and interpretation of the company’s first-time shows that consolidated it internationally, creating the development of the furan language: the collective creation method based on the friction and the only tyranny of the best idea is the one worth. Gatell has worked in a plurality of genres, creating and directing theatre, cinema or large scale shows, always working with different creators, professionals, technicians and scientists. He is the president of the Epica Foundation: via the foundation La Fura wants to project both its creative solvency and its method’s success through a center that reunites learning and experiencing when it comes to creative projects.

Miki Espuma

Miki Espuma (Sant Andreu, 1959) is the most musical artistic director of La Fura dels Baus. Singer-songwriter and rock musician within the so-called Ona Laietana, in 1980 the company entered as musician and artistic creator of his stage productions. He has directed a wide range of big shows around the world.  Together with David Cid, he has also directed stage shows such as Temptacions or Freebach 212.

Àlex Ollé


Àlex Ollé (Barcelona, 1960) has worked in a plurality of genres, creating and directing theatre, opera, cinema or large-format proposals with its own brand. After worked in the creation of the first shows that reaffirmed La Fura dels Baus as a cult company of critics and audiences, he co-directed the opening ceremony of the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. In the opera he has directed a wide range of works throughout his wide and acclaimed career.

Carlus Padrissa

Carlus Padrissa (Balsareny, 1959) forged some the cornerstone shows at the beginnings of the company. He was the driving force behind the group’s participation in the opening ceremony of the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games. Padrissa is worldwide reconized for his acclamied wide range of operas staging. He is also the driver of one of La Fura’s most ambitious projects: the ship Naumon, a barge 60 meters long and weighing 1,100 tons, converted into a modern floating performance center that has logged more than 40,000 miles from the Atlantic Ocean via the Mediterranean all the way to the China Seas.

Pera Tantiñá


Pera Tantiñá (Moià, 1960) left Moià in 1979, with Carlus Padrissa and Marcel·lí Antúnez, with a cart and a mule to travel Catalonia. He participated in the creation and interpretation of the company’s first-time shows that consolidated it internationally, creating the  furan language. Tantiñá has recently recreated the visceral MANES, the last show of the company conceived entirely without external references to the group. He has also directed a long list of large scale shows to many countries all over the world.