Infierno Sabroso


Infierno Sabroso, is a show from La Fura dels Baus, which places the audience in a sensitive and mythological challenge, loaded with black humor: human transit from daily grind to spiritual transcendency, where is reveal the pleasure of hell, and sins as the flavor of life. Infierno Sabroso presents a world of buffoons and demons, which revives the tragicomic celebration of our life. It is a renewed vision of the mythical man trip, which extinguishes his limits and transforms his soul into an effervescent being, loaded with delirium and madness.

The flavors of hell, spices the soul of the spectators to make them enjoy the underworld of the sins, opposite to the clock of time that always throw us into the jail of our thoughts. Fire, is a vital explosion that brings to light our internal demons, liberating our playful origin and reviving the phoenix of the humanity. These spectacle presents to the audience an experience, that will make them vibrate into an initiation trip towards the sweet spiritual transcendency.

Ficha Técnica

Artistic Director: Jürgen Müller

Lights: Jaime Llerins

Production: Susanna Jové

Choreography human net: Judy Lomas

Choreography wheel: Raul Vargas and Roxana Vanesa Papas

Actors: Raul Vargas and Roxana Vanesa Papas

Rigers: Pep Padrós, Raul Rodríguez, Carlos Catari, Josep Maria Costa and Dafne Martínez (Anigami)


With a show especially created for Just for laughs Festival, La Fura Dels Baus invites you to a unique and unforgettable journey. La Place des festivals will be the setting of a downward spiral to hell: off-beat, disproportionate and festive. Gigantic 50 meters-high net, oversized Ferris wheel and an enormous hourglass: open your eyes, La Fura is everywhere. Over 60 extras will set fire to the sky to the sounds of electro music, imagined specifically for the show by Montreal Djs Black Tiger Sex Machine.

Loosen up and dive into these universe!

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