La Création


Created under the direction of Haydn himself after two years of working without rest on composition, La Création was probably the first important work in the history of music written with posterity in mind. It includes the proclamation of humanity to the image of God, a typical conception of the Enlightenment and opposed to that of the Bach Cantatas of the years 1710-1730, which defend the insignificance of man before God.

Carlus Padrissa proposes a balancing reconciliation between Haydn and the DNA, thus creating a link between the infinitely large (the macrocosm and the creation of the world) and the infinitely small (the microcosm and the human body). This is used to create a view over what embellishes the cycle of nature as well as the cycle of life.

Ficha Técnica

Artistic director & set designer

Carlus Padrissa ( La Fura dels Baus)

Director assistant & Stage manager

Zamira Pasceri

Director assistant & Choreography

Mireia Romero

Costumes designer

Clara Sullà

Video designer

Marc Molinos


Michele Salimbeni

Generative images

Pelayo Méndez

Anna Mestre, Ventura López

Crane designer

Ignacio Infiesta

Costumes lights

Wearable lighting control technology by Protopixel

Aitziber Sanz

Tablet networks and Systems

Iglor Soluciones Audiovisuales Avanzadas S.L.

Francisco J. Iglesias (software engineering)

Pedro Lorente Adamuz (software engineering)

Alicia de Manuel Lozano (Multimedia)

Damia Duran (Tour technical)



Nacha Delpiano

Technical director

Jaume Grau


Francesc Torrent

Set designer assistant

Tamara Joksimovic

Edurne Hernández Elia

Costume assistants

Allegra Esclapon


Jordi Velasco (Thinking engineering)

Crane Constructor

Josep Lluis Moreno

Moreno Metalls ( Aiguaviva, Girona)

Wooden box

Pere Masmitjà

Video provider

Baf General de Catalunya

Production: Insula orchestra
Coproduction: Ludwigsburger Schlossfestspiele, Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, La Fura dels Baus


A balancing reconciliation between Haydn and the DNA.

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