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MANES: recreació


Manes is the last of the shows La Fura conceived entirely without outside collaborations. The different parts of the show were produced based on the idea of cultural diversity in order to express humanity’s common links, among them the concepts of birth, death, sex and food.

The dramaturgy of Manes is based on a grammar of simultaneousness as opposed to continuity. A quick switching of emotions and sensations. An ahistorical dramaturgy in which the plot is the here and now. A group of contrasting scenes in which different worlds share time and space. A gothic story that witnesses, unmoved, the clash between different private lives constantly surprised by a revealing light. Manes is a public show of private facts. It shows human attitudes that often, because of culture, remain hidden behind the veils of home, family, or community…

Manes doesn’t formulate a conventional linear plot and, therefore, is difficult to describe. Suffice to say this show took rhythm, physical performance and references to myth and ritual to an extreme.

Ficha Técnica

Recreation 2018
Direction and concept: Pera Tantiñà (La Fura dels Baus)
Management Assistants: Ágata Tantiñà and Raúl Vargas
Production: Rubèn Pujol and Pau Domingo
Actors and actresses: Ifigeneia Androutsopoulou, Maria Caballero, Adriana de Montserrat, Juanjo Herrero, Joan Llobera, David Marsol, Alfons Nieto, Sanna Toivanen and Monica Barrio.
Technicians: Miguel Angel Molino and Pau Tantiñà
Road Manager: Ifigeneia Androutsopoulou
Lighting design: Sara Reig
Lighting technician: Sara Reig and Pau Vila
Music: Big Toxic
Music adaptation: Pau Domingo
Music collaborators: Carlus Padrissa, Miki Espuma and Pau Domingo
Construction – Scenography performance: Kike Blanco, Enric Masgrau, Eudald Ferré and Ramon Tarés
Consultant: Rafael Vives, Nau Bostik, Natascha Wiese and Joaquim Tatin Revenga


Taking the concept of cultural diversity as a conceptual starting point, Manes develops different metaphors about basic elements of birth, death, sex and food. The recreation of this performance continues investigation the essence of “Furan language”.

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