Nuovo canto della Sibilla


In Alghero it is tradition to celebrate the New Years Eve one day before: December 31st. Taking advantage of the occasion La Fura dels Baus proposes a collective experiment of socialization: Nuevo Canto della Sibylla. This interactive show, directed by Pep Gatell and Miki Espuma, will use the Kalliope app (available on Google Play and Apple Store) and will become an important element during the show.

The mythological Sibylla is a prophetess who can seel the future. That is why she feels imprisoned in time: Tempus Fugit. After a divine effort, he will escape, break free and break the heavy chains that bind her. A new song will dawn and here will start your magical journey through the heavens.

Ficha Técnica

Directed by Miki Espuma and Pep Gatell

Production: Nadala Fernández

Guest artist: Mihael Milunovic

Singer: Eulalia Fantova

Lights: Jaime Llerins

Actor: Joaquín Revenga

Actor: Juan Navarro

Rigging: Anigami

With Iglor Soluciones Audiovisuales


A new song of Sybilla will dawn and here will begin its magical journey through the heavens.

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