Pastoral for the Planet


La Fura dels Baus presents its own version of Symphony No. 6, composed by Ludwig van Beethoven and also known as the Pastoral Symphony. Completed in 1808, it is one of Beethoven’s few programmatic music works, and the composer subtitled it with Recollections of Country Life. Now the director Carlus Padrissa reinvents the piece under the name of Pastoral for The Planet and mixes it with other compositions by Reicha, Weber, Rietz F. and Mendessohn.

Padrissa proposes an immersive meditation on the relationship between nature and the human being that raises the possibility of living without consumption. Although the proposal raises the current point of rupture of the harmony and ecological resistance of the planet (dramatic and real), the work may have an unexpected turn that is decided by the same public using the immersive application Kalliope (developed by the Èpcia Foundation from La Fura). Thus, Pastoral for the Planet, which has the illustrations and scenery of Mihael Milunovic and the creativity of Eyesberg, turns towards the utopian ideal and – possibly at the same time – of a global village, distributing the communities and living on the resources of Nature: the deep ecological model defended by futuristic industrial designer Jacque Fresco. A pioneer in human factors engineering, Fresco ranged from biomedical innovations to fully integrated social systems and, through The Venus Project, defended sustainable cities, energy efficiency, natural resource management and advanced automation and the corresponding benefits that this would bring to society. La Fura dels Baus does not reinterpret the world: it awakens consciousness through a virtual world that will be projected to reality in 360 degrees.

Ficha Técnica

Carlus Padrissa, director
Mireia Romero, choreographer
Mihael Milunovic, scenery
Tamara Joksimovic, costumes and set assistant
Zamira Pasceri, direction assistant
Eyesgerg – Jose Vaalina, video and audiovisual creator

Insula Orchestra, music performance
Laurence Equilbey, music director

Nacha Delpiano, production

Sophie Karthaüser, soprano

Luis García, dancer
Tamara Ndong, dancer
Macarena Bravi, dancer

Jaume Grau, technical director
Francesc Torrent, technician
David Vilaregut, technician
Jordi Masso, video technician
Michel Donat, video technician
Pedro Lorente, systems


An immersive meditation on the relationship between nature and the human being

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