Sitges 50


The celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Sitges Film Festival and its culmination during the closing gala with a show starring La Fura del Baus, directed by Pep Gatell and produced by La Xarxa de Comunicació Local. Sitges 50 will revolve around various figures and icons of the fantastic cinema.

Ficha Técnica
Direction: Pep Gatell (La Fura dels Baus)
Music: Alex Ferrer (The Groove)
Production: Nadala Fernández
Production Assistant: Sergio Vega
Lights: Jaime Llerins
Costume design: Clara Sullà
Rigging: Anigami Aventures
Actors: Carles Fígols, Joaquim Revenga “Tatín”, Ramon Tarès, Blanca Pascual, Ifigenia Androutsopoulou, Raúl Vargas, Juanjo Herrero, Lawrence Stanley.
Helena Fernández García-Ruz
Héctor Alcántar
Ona Ferrer
Anna Ferrer Albertí
Marta Espuñes Costa
Miguel Ángel Molino
Celeste Adriana Barria
Jaume Bernabeu Volpini
Carme Aumedes
Guillem Carvajal

A trip show around the icons of the fantastic cinema

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