The collaboration of sponsorship for the show DEGUSTACIÓN DE TITUS ANDRONICUS, left open the door to collaborate with Josep Maria Llorente company best known for her KH7 but launching a new product SIN MANCHAS for clothing.

LA FURA has always stained everything and this is the starting point for the idea of the new advertisement that will be broadcasted on July by all TV channels. This spot has given us the opportunity to work with the new high-definition cameras RED ONE WITH OPTICAL FILM.

If you don’tt watch TV at least not miss the advertisement and itsmaking-off.

Ficha Técnica

Art Direction: Pep Gatell (La Fura dels Baus)
Production: Alan Fàbregas
Music: Robert Merdzo and Juan José Falcón Sanabria
Assistant Director: David Fàbregas
Production: Nadala Fernández
Ramon Tares
Joaquim Revenga “Tatin”
Well Roelkis
Ivan Altimira
Diaz Carla Fontes
Photography: Pablo González Moralejo
Camera: Jordi Fono
Costume: Begoña Simón
Foquista: Xavier Formentí
Making off: Manel Raga
Camera’s assistant: Gonzalo Cruz
Combo’s assistant: Fernando Izquierdo
Machinists / atrezzo:
Kike Blanco, Carles Fígols, Anjelillo Millán, Javier Ahedo, Kiku Martínez, Raúl González, Raúl Vargas
Photo shoot: leclic.tv
Storyboard: Jordi Vila Delcos
Postproduction: Apuntolapospo
Set: Banzai Productions S.L
Crane: Muxart
Cameras: Camera Vision
Lighting: Musica Viva / Alfasom


This is the first TV spot done by La Fura dels Baus. Thanks to the collaboration with KH Lloreda leader in the sector.

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