Novena Sinfonía de Beethoven


Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony is a statement in favor of universal humanity. This has been the starting point for La Fura dels Baus´s interpretation of this piece. The work is entirely a reflection of the emotions and states in the universe and it’s relation to happiness, the most important brotherhood among all the elements of the world. The theme of fraternity is not treated by Beethoven until the last movement of the symphony, however, the first three treat separate issues that can be related to the creation of joy. This means that the first three movements help establish the importance of the theme of brotherhood to reach the state of happiness. In La Fura dels Baus’ interpretation lies the basis of the principles of the Enlightenment Movement – the Social period where Schiller’s poem is framed – where the state of happiness in men is only reached when they live in harmony with their peers and with nature. This point seems of critical importance to us, especially in these days where humanity desperately needs to go back and respect and care for nature, seeking a balance between progress and sustainability. Nature, man and fraternity.

Ficha Técnica

Director: Carlus Padrissa

Management assistance: Esteban Muñoz

Choreography: Mireia Romero

Costume Director: Clara Sullà

Efectos especiales: Pirotecnia IGUAL (Barcelona-Valparaíso)

Special effects: Loretta Nass

Lights: Carles Rigual

Vídeo: Fritz Gnad

Technical direction: Marc Amigó

Riggers La Fura dels Baus: Pep Padrós, Roger Serra, Ia Muñoz, Raul Rodriguez,

Production: La Fura dels Baus


Andrea Aguilar, soprano

Luciana Mancini, mezzosoprano

José Azocar, tenor

Patricio Sabaté, barítono

Coro de la Universidad Austral de Chile (Director: Hugo Muñoz)

Orquesta de Cámara de Valdivia

Orquesta Filarmónica Regional de Los Ríos (Director: Genaro Burgos)


A tribute to ideas and nature. Nature, man and fraternity

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