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Suz/O/Suz is an abstract show containing one idea: man. From that axis comes a fiction about human nature, about a man anguished by his own conscience. In order to develop this idea scenically, La Fura dels Baus devised a set which, just as in Accions, took advantage of the architectural elements offered by the different performance spaces, but which incorporated an entire complex and intricate series of scenic elements created by the company, which were able to modify the space and the audience’s participation. Poles, carts and moveable platforms, bathtubs and pools, scenic pieces which contained their own meaning and allowed the group to develop their language in order to express their vision of life.

Suz/O/Suz presents an individual who has put matter to work for him. He the gods by supplanting them in their creative role. In Suz/O/Suz, La Fura dels Baus reinvents ritual, perhaps this is the concept which best describes the show.

Before the premiere of Suz/O/Suz, there was a performance of Give Me a Bone, Nuba at the KGB bar in Barcelona. This was the seed of what would later become Suz/O/Suz.

At the time the group’s stay in the Sudan, where they supposedly came up with the show, was discussed. This information was disseminated in various media and increased the ritual reading of Suz/O/Suz.

It was probably with this show that the group became cult figures on the international theatre scene. Due to this La Fura dels Baus went on the longest tour that they can remember and Suz/O/Suz became the show that the company has performed most.manipulates, plays, learns, creates myth and language and somehow challenges.

Ficha Técnica

Creación, interpretación y dirección
La Fura dels Baus (Marcel.lí Antúnez, Jordi Arús, «Hansel» Cereza, Miki Espuma, Pep Gatell, Jürgen Müller, Àlex Ollé, Carlos Padrissa, Pera Tantiña).

Colaborador creativo
Andreu Morte

Otros actores
Enric Asses, Josep Castells, Víctor Goñi, Xavier Juan-Torres, Juan Loriente, Juan Manuel Márquez, Carlos Martínez, Juan Navarro, Michael Summers, Ramón Tarés, Peter Tod Sullivan, Vidi Vidal, Rafael Vives, John Wagland.

Marcel.lí Antúnez, Ian Britton, Miki Espuma, Juanjo Ezquerra, Leo Mariño, Carlos Padrissa, Boris Porter, Vidi Vidal.

Diseño de iluminación
Ramón Rey

Producción escenográfica
Andreu Polo, Grego Navarro, Txispo López.

Equipo técnico
Dirección técnica: Jordi Arús, Josep Maria Blancafort, Abdó Martí, Jorge Oliveira, Juan Parkinson.
Road manager: Marta Oliveres, Niki Van der Planken.
Técnicos de sonido: Jordi Blanco, Marc Sardà, Juan Cid, Quico Viaplana
Técnicos de iluminación: Ferran Capella, Joan Durán, Roger Puiggener, Ramón Rey, Elke Voigt.
Equipo de sonido: Triple Onda S.A.
Ayudante de iluminación: Pedro Pablo Hervás.
Técnicos escenografía: Carlos Bertolín, Joaquim Campá, Gerardo Campana, Jordi Casinos, Miguel Ángel García Sánchez, Eduardo Gómez, Mario Lacalle, Alfons Mora, Vicente Mora, Xesco Morros, Joan Lluis Parra, Apolo Parkinson, Alberto Pastor.

Colaborador en la producción
Xavier Soler

30/08/85, en la antigua funeraria de Galileo, Madrid.


Un espectáculo producido por La Fura dels Baus, Centro Nacional de Nuevas Tendencias Escénicas y Veranos de la Villa de Madrid, Ayuntamiento de Madrid.


Suz/O/Suz investigates the idea of primordial man, who plays, discovers, creates myth and language. With this performance La Fura dels Baus became a cult theater group, a true international sensation.

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